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Every Mouthful - A Tantalising Treat

Experience a tantalising treat of culinary specialities and have a splendid time with your friends and family at Prime+ Urban Grill Restaurant & Bar. Situated on the 7th floor, the restaurant offers unquestionably palatable delicacies which are enriched in flavour, authenticity, and freshness. With sophisticated furnishings and an aura of splendour, the restaurant has a luxurious ambience which provides the ideal setting to unwind and gorge onto scrumptious culinary specialities.

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Indulge your appetite for some of the best beef in the world without getting indigestion from the pricing. When you order a Wagyu beef steak at PRIME+ in March-April enjoy an extra 100-150g with the compliments of the chef.
Buy 250g Wagyu steak we serve you 350g (THB1,950++)
Buy 350g Wagyu steak we serve you 500g (THB2,450++)
What’s more, ever order includes your choice of a delish side dish and sauce. 

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Cuisines & Culinary Delights

Gear up for a delectable treat of premium steaks, refined wines, and much more. Offering seafood delights, authentic pasta dishes, and signature desserts, the restaurant takes pride in the excellent service and preparations by our experienced chefs. The fine dining restaurant also has a wine bar, which serves international wines from various regions. The Caesar Salad tableside preparation is laid out exclusively for the guests as well.

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Operating Hours, Location & Capacity

Dinner (à la carte): 18:00 – 23:00 Hours

Location: 7th Floor || Capacity: 60

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